Find my phone apps: Top 5 Android apps to find where your phone is

Did you know? On average a person misplaces his/her phone 3 times a day. Every year in the US, $30 million worth of phones are lost. Studies state that being forgetful is a sign of high IQ but not when you have forgotten your modern-day lifesavers (mobile phones). You can not even report the theft to the police and hope that they’ll find it. Because we are aware that stolen/lost phones are at the bottom of their priority list. I know the pain of losing something on which you’ve put your hard-earned money on.

Top 5 Android apps to find where your phone is

Mobile phones are literally our modern-day ‘precious’. A completely poised present-day person can lose their mind if they knew that they lost their mobile phones. Misplacing our phones, getting it robbed and losing it is more common these days. There are ways to recover your lost devices through the following apps.

1) Google Find My Device by Google LLC

You can find your lost device through this app. This app can help you detect your lost/stolen device with incredibly high precision to the location. You can find your lost phone by locking it remotely from any of your other devices through the “remote lock” feature and then tracking it. This app enables you to play notification in high volume, even if your phone is in silent mode through the “Make loud noise” feature. You can avoid misuse of your data through the “Erase the data” feature. But this is just one side of the story.

The other side is that it has a stunning feature that notifies “This device is being tracked”. This notification may be very helpful to the thief who took your mobile. You may sometimes wonder and question yourself Seriously? Who are you working for Google? Your new owner?

2) Lost Phone Tracker: Lost Phone Location Tracker by Appex Fun Apps

This app is an anti-theft free GPS mobile finder for your lost phones. It lets you secure your device through latitude and longitude. Make sure your internet is ON before you lose it though.

3) Find My Phone Whistle – gadget finder by whistling by Appache tools: Find my phone by whistle & by clap

As the name suggests, you can find your device by whistling but there’s no way to barge-in the system sound so that this app could make some noise, even if the phone is in silent mode or in low volume kind of situation.You don’t need any other device to track your lost device. You can simply whistle. It is very simple to use. It just works as intended.

4) Lost Phone Tracker by lost phone tracker

It never lets the intruder use your phone, in case if your device is lost or stolen. It provides fast-tracking. User-friendly but please make sure to rate this app to unlock certain features. It tracks your phone effectively with just a negligible discrepancy to the location.

5) GPS phone tracker by Family Safety Production

Be warned that it drains your phone battery but you can always find your phone When it is connected to the internet. You can track the target device and also the person who is having it. You can even know the Speed, duration, mileage and time if the person with this phone is driving. This app allows you to know if there are any sex offenders in your neighborhood. This is an ideal app for your kid’s phone. Always make sure they are safe without endangering their privacy.
Highly recommended for those who want to monitor your loved ones.

You don’t have to buy a new phone when you lose it. You can use any of the above apps to track it. Be prepared. Prevention is better than cure so make sure your phone is traceable all the time. Mobile thieves can be anywhere. In case if you’ve lost your phone and on a venture to look for it. Stay positive. You’ll get it.

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