Top 5 CamScanner alternatives for Android

Mobile Scanner applications come in handy when you want to upload crucial documents in a much-needed situation when there is no physical scanner nearby. Mobile scanners are your all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. You can not afford to ignore its usage. In this era of cost-cutting strategies at offices, Mobile scanners are our new age saviors.

Top 5 Android Scanner apps

You might be confused on what scanner app to use after the demise of CamScanner with all the Trojans. Some of the best android applications for scanning are listed based on the users’ ratings.

1) Tiny Scanner by Appxy

This app allows you to store only a maximum of 3 documents for free and after that, you have to pay a minimum of 5$ for a pro version (Of course best things don’t come free).

But you can always do some trick – You can always delete the 3 documents after taking a backup and go on using this app for free. Very useful on tax seasons when you have to upload tax receipts and other tax documents.
This app has its own pitfalls – Emails that require you to attach documents should be initiated from this app and only then the mail content can be written.

Positive: Protect documents with a passcode.

2) Notebloc PDF Scanner App – Scan, save & share by Notebloc

It is your go-to document scanner app for the OCR (Optical Character Recognition – Extracting text from images) quality it provides. There are tons of filters as well. This scanner is very useful for students, as it provides the “add quick notes” feature for each picture. You can store the scanned documents in your own cloud or network.

Positive: Excellent auto-crop feature.

3) Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner by Microsoft Corporation

Reliable for people acquainted with Office. You can always integrate with your Outlook contacts. It provides multiple choices to save the scanned document. Academic settings are appreciable. Perfect for scanning whiteboards.

Positive: Best edge deduction

4) Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR by Adobe

This app is free and is proactive, as it automatically goes to the next document without expecting us to press for next. It takes lesser time to save the scanned document. It allows you to copy and edit text when the document is scanned in OCR mode. Please make sure to “add reading option” so the scanned documents can be converted to text documents.

Positive: Color detection and auto adjustment.

5) Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan by CoolMobileSolution

Ideal, if you use a scanner occasionally. A simple interface and easy navigation make it easier for you to scan, upload and save. It is free and without watermarks. Ensure that you rate this app, otherwise they will prompt you every time you open the app.

Positive: Easy to crop and modify the scanned document.

Disclaimer: Based on our experience and user reviews, ratings. We are not rewarded to promote/demote these apps.

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