Top 5 screenshot apps for Android

Taking a Screenshot can be difficult for starters. But, it isn’t that difficult at all, because we have a screenshot option appearing in the notifications area on any Android device. This option can be used to take a screenshot of your current screen. If this option is missing on your notifications, then there are certain shortcuts to take a screenshot based on the mobile brand you use.

For Samsung users, Power on or off button and the volume down button will do the trick. Yes, did you think the purpose of these buttons is only what the name indicates? Okay, now if you are a Samsung mobile holder, then go to the screen which you want to capture, then quickly press the volume down & power button together. You should be able to see your desired screen captured. If you have your power button or volume down button broken, then you can download the apps in the below list from Google play store. These apps offer some more features on making screenshots efficiently.

If you use MI phones, then it is very easy to take a screenshot. Just use your three fingers and slide on the screen vertically. It is as simple as that. Hope you got your screen captured.

Best Android Screenshot apps

If any of the above did not work for you, then you can download one of the below apps on your Android device from Google Play Store.

1. Assistive Easy Touch by Assistive Touch Team

When one of your minimal android buttons are damaged, this app comes quite handy in replacing the functions of the damaged button. This app is economical, as you do not want to fix the broken button but can enjoy the benefits of the button with this app. It has a floating icon, which can be moved anywhere on the screen. The UI is intuitive but still, the user needs to know how to use it.

Once you install the application on your mobile, you will see an icon on your screen. This icon is not intrusive on the screen. You can use it to quickly access your screenshot option. Then you can customize the color of the icon and the controls you want to use. You can change the icon to a smiley or any other emoticon you like. This is an ideal app when you do not want to damage the physical buttons of your precious phone. This app may get lag in low-end devices.

2. Screen Master : Screenshot & Longshot, Photo Markup by Blossgraph

The user controls here can allow you to capture screenshots very easily and accurately even for the longer screens of content. You’ll see an icon after installing this app. This app allows you to change the format of the screenshot file taken. Screenshots taken can be stitched or edited for a long screenshot. The icing on the cake is that, if you reported a problem, then you’ll receive a response immediately. The app developers are responsive and this app gives you most of the prompts you require. The sticker section has a lot of emojis to use. The white-out feature is appreciated by many users. Give it a try!

3. Screenshot Pro by Dream Sanya

It is a reliable app to capture images of your screen. The size of an image can be edited as soon as the image is captured. The circular icon gets added to your phone screen on installation. When you take a screenshot, the icon will not be visible. The icon is not obtrusive on the screen and you won’t notice it until you need it (like God). You will be spoilt with choices post screen capture.

4. Screenple Screenshots and Screen Recording by Screenple

This is a very good app to organize the screenshots besides taking them. If you are looking for a draggable cropping screenshot, then this is the one for you. This app can help you assemble multiple pages of text into one long image. Taking a screenshot is a walk in the park with this app.

5. InstaMocks – App Screenshot Design Tool by Vemoot Softech

This app is intuitive to use and multiple screenshots taken from different phones can be compared, as it automatically detects screen sizes. Just because it is the last on the list, it does not mean it is next to any other app. Some users want to give 6 stars to the app if they could. Create your own professional looking screenshots for the app store in just 5 minutes. This is a highly customizable app mostly used by app developers for a professional touch to their app screenshots.

For Samsung users, it could be a relief just to think you no longer need a tricky combination of buttons to hold in order to take screenshots. The power of your index finger is not just to vote but to take a screenshot as well. The above apps are great alternatives when your phone doesn’t have dedicated builtin buttons to capture the screen.

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