Top 5 Song Finder apps to find what song is this

Earworms? Stuck with a piece of music playing on your mind on and on!! I know. I know how annoying it can get. Everyone at some point in their life may have suffered this stuck song syndrome. You can’t blame a good musician for such sticky music. Without wasting your time on identifying the unknown music by rethinking. Please do try finding the song through these android applications.

Top 5 Android apps to find What song is this

These applications are very helpful, when you’ve heard a good song somewhere but can not find the song name. Sometimes, you may watch a video at social media where you may hear a piece of very good background music that stuck onto your mind and wonder what song it is. Finding such songs is just one click away if you start using any of the below android applications.

1) SoundHound – Music Discovery & Lyrics by SoundHound Inc.

This app is a staple for every phone. The music listening quality of this app is not distorted by the background noise. The live lyric section of this app is an addon bonus. This app also highlights the lyrics, when the song plays. You can even enable this app to listen to the sound, when you are offline and save the recording for later to find it when you get internet connection. If you know the tune of a song but not the lyrics, you can simply play your voice tune like “du doo du du doo doo” And this app makes wonders by giving you the song of the tune. Let your music search begin!

2) Song identification by Beatfind Music Recognition

This app recognizes any music irrespective of other transcending sounds that overlay. Pretty underrated but works well. It can even find non-English songs. The song identification time is also very less, comparatively. Get ready to be surprised!

3) Shazam by Apple, Inc.

It provides live lyrics with the song. The interface does not fail to keep Apple’s reputation up. The user interface is really cool and classy. This works well with headphones. It recognizes a wide range of songs like magic.

4) Music detector – Music Recognition App

It has features that could help people with hearing loss. Be warned to drown into some(more) Ads. It is very easy to use. It can find a few songs even when they can’t be traced via Shazam or SoundHound. You can even find 40s songs in this app. It’s either a hit or a miss kind of app.

5) Soly – Song and Lyrics Finder by Soly- Explore Music

It is very easy to use. It scans for the song lyrics as well. You can listen to offline music besides finding songs.

All the above apps are for the music enthusiasts in you who keenly wait to find obscure songs & lyrics. Get ready for a music shower! Find that one song that you used to listen in your childhood and experience euphoria.

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