Top 5 Ad blockers for Chrome in 2020

Advertisements are the main source of income for most of the websites. While it is beneficial to the content provider, users are the ultimate suffering stock. Advertisements can be so annoying and distracting. They are usually designed in a flashy way and probably they end up changing your thoughts and stops you from doing what you intend to do in the first place by shifting your focus from the web content.

How to block ads on Chrome?

Google Chrome is definitely a dominant browser over all other browsers. But advertisements get out of hand and make it impossible to view the pages even in google chrome. Please install the below add-ons into your Chrome browser to block ads and make your browsing experience better.

1) Adblock – best ad blocker

It blocks ads on Facebook, YouTube and many other social platforms. You can choose to white-list certain ads. It also shows you the statistics of how many ads on a particular page is blocked and how many ads are blocked in total. You can avoid even the unskippable ads which play in the middle of your browsing time. It is effective and feature-packed.

2) Ad-Blocker Pro

Ad-Blocker Pro blocks ads that are even created from malicious downloads, domains, and browsers. It delivers like it is advertised. Also, it blocks the annoying streamer banners found across the bottom of a website. Remember those banners running from left to right displaying new feeds? I hope you certainly did. Because they are the most annoying type of ads. Did you try killing this type of ad by clicking on the X on the corner? Did that kill the ad? I’m sure that your response is a big “NO”. You can even block them with this app.

3) AdBlock on YouTube

As the name suggests, this is a customized ad blocker for YouTube. It is a game-changer of your watching experience on YouTube. With this app, you can skip the unskippable pre-roll ads and the most common ad interrupters which are played in the middle of video streaming. It lets you filter the ads by allowing ads on individual channels to support your favorite YouTubers.

It comes with an additional bonus which is blocking ads in CrunchyRoll (Anime Video Streamer). Install this extension and watch it work like a charm on your next YouTube video watch.

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4) Adskill – unstoppable ad blocker

It saves your bandwidth by blocking flash ads and blocks the ads at entry-level, so they won’t even be allowed to load while downloading the page. This increases the page loading speed.

They are ruthless when it comes to adblocking. This add-on do not even have a white-list policy. It simply block them all. They have a list of all popular ads and these lists are highly maintained. Their list is based on the following criteria: EasyPrivacy List, Malware Domains list, AdServer List and Advanced Tracking List. I’m telling you- this blocker rules above the market leader.

5) AdGuard AdBlocker

This blocker is against all kinds of ads in the market. It blocks all ads including YouTube ads, Facebook ads, banners, pop-ups. Not just this, they protect your data by blocking third-party trackers. Make your browsing safe by removing malware, phishing, spyware and dialer installers using this ad blocker extension. They improve page responsiveness by not allowing in-page ads to render.

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In addition to that, this gives a heads-up, when there’s phishing (an attempt to obtain sensitive data) involved in your page. Get started with ad-blocking by getting a lifetime subscription to this app. This even works with Firefox.

Do not be doubtful about installing these adblocker Chrome extensions. I promise that you won’t regret it. You can toggle them on and off when required. Browsing could become miserable without these saviors. The developers and content creators are working around the clock to get your pages ad-free. Please support them by donating them.

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