Top 5 Ad blockers for Firefox in 2020

Adblocker is a tool to remove advertisements when you browse websites on a web browser. Adblockers do not only block ads. They reduce CPU & memory usage by blocking the Ads. Some of the famous adblockers for the Mozilla Firefox web browser are listed below.

How to block ads on Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is the spiritual successor of the Netscape Navigator and it is one of the most widely used web browsers and is best known for its speed. It is the world’s second-most popularly used browser. Even Firefox performance can be compromised by these annoying Ads.

These are the first five adblocker list.

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. AdBlock for Firefox
  3. AdBlocker Ultimate
  4. Ghostery
  5. Adaware ad block

You can find these add-ons in Firefox Add-ons store. Let us see each of these add-on’s features in brief.

1) Adblock Plus by Adblock Plus

This addon is absolutely free and you can block Facebook ads, YouTube ads and other obtrusive ads by default. By installing Adblock plus, you actually speed-up your page loading time on your Firefox browser. You can also whitelist several sites by modifying the personalized filters. Isn’t that so convenient? Yes.

You can create your own filters here. However, Adblock Plus allows acceptable ads to be displayed. This allows content creators to receive some reward for their work by creating a sustainable environment for the user, creator and advertisers alike.

2) AdBlock for Firefox by AdBlock

This blocker lets you view & modify your adblock list. You can manage the white-list. It is available in 30 different languages. It doesn’t even allow ads to be downloaded to your machine and thus allowing you to browse with a good speed.

3) AdBlocker Ultimate by AdAvoid

Adblocker Ultimate completely removes all types of ads. There are no whitelists or acceptable ads. It scrubs out basically all of the ads. This is a free extension and it blocks your sites from trackers and malware. It also disables any sneaky tracking of your websites.

Apart from ads, they also provide you the option to block malware from certain websites. Get rid of those twitching ads with this ad blocker.

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4) Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker by Ghostery

Ghostery eliminates the clutter by removing all ads. You can view who tracks your website and can block them instantly. Its feature speeds up page loads and optimizes your website performance by blocking the trackers. It has AI-powered anti-tracking technologies to block ads from the newly added sites as well.

5) adaware ad block by Adaware

Adaware ad block doubles your browsing speed. They block you from cyber-threats with its cloud-scanning technology. Adaware hides your digital footprint. It is as robust as the antivirus software. This adblocker makes your websites ad-free and blocks your sites from the nosy trackers.

There is a great sense of relief knowing that your page only has what you came for doing. These amazing ad-ons are recommended to all parents with young children, because they may have fully realized the impacts of inappropriate ads. Have peaceful browsing. Keep away from dangerous sites and say Hi! to the neat and clean web surfing.

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