Top 5 Antivirus apps for Android

You need to be security conscious as you have all your personal data on your mobile. You need to be extra cautious about personal data theft. Not just to protect from data infiltration but to prevent adware, you need antivirus.

What are the best Antivirus tools for the Android platform?

To have uncompromising mobile security you need any of the below anti-virus software in your Android device.

1) Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2020 – Internet Security by Kaspersky lab

Overall a very good app with a slick interface. It is absolutely free and if you want, you may add a subscription. For a complete protection cover, you may want to add a subscription. It has various features and decent customized options. This is definitely a battery saver because it just uses approximately 0.37% of your battery.

Kaspersky mobile antivirus offers you a free trial for a month and after that, it is just 19.9$ per year for the subscription and with that subscription key, you can prevent up to five devices using this app. This app not just protects your device but also your family’s.

2) NOX Security – Antivirus, Clean Virus, Booster by Nox Ltd

NOX Security does wonder by getting the junk out and thus making your gaming experience smooth and clean. This app may accidentally block some of your notifications. It definitely boosts your gaming experience. Don’t miss out its dark theme.

3) ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus by ESET

When you are stuck to using ESET on your PC then it normally occurs to use one on mobile too. This app scans every website you go to for viruses and Malware so your mobile stays safe on the internet. Recently Google made a contract with ESET for a few of its applications. If ESET is is good enough for tech giant Google, how can it not be for your devices?

4) Avast Antivirus – Scan & remove Virus, Cleaner by Avast Software

There are notable features like boosting Ram and clearing cache. This increases your phone’s speed and performance. It is simple to use. It is easy to use even for a tech-challenged sort of person.

5) Virus Cleaner – Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster by Hi Security Lab (Antivirus, AppLock & VPN Free)

You may find more at that are distracting in this app but it does what it is intended to do. It protects your phone and increases speed. This app is flawless except for diverting ads.

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