How to delete Gmail account permanently?

Think twice before you make a decision to delete your Gmail account permanently, because you may face some trouble with your android phone login immediately after deletion, if at all you logged in with the same Gmail account you decided to delete.

Deleting a Gmail account

Sometimes your Gmail is filled with spams and ads. If not absolutely filled with necessary emails, you can choose to delete such Gmail accounts. Just remember, deleting your Gmail account is completely different from deleting your Google account.

Points to remember before deleting a Gmail account

Don’t be hasty. Please go through the below points before you act on your urge to delete the Gmail account.

  • Deleting Gmail account will not delete your Google account. You can still log in to other Google services with an alternate email id.
  • You will lose your access to all your emails, files, calendars, photos, and any other attachments.
  • You cannot receive any new email to the address anymore and you cannot send a new mail from that address.
  • No other user will able to get this address in the future.


Act on the below list of items and make sure it is checked before you delete your Gmail account.

  • Go through each and every mail in your Gmail inbox and get a backup if anything is important. It is better to screenshot it as proof that the content is taken from the Gmail inbox.
  • Not only inbox, check other folders like Sent Items, Starred, Notes, Chats, Spam, Drafts, Archived, and Trash too.
  • Check the Email attachments and download it and keep it safe for future use.
  • If you have any golden conversation with your friend, download, and archive it.
  • If you used your Gmail id to sign up for any other service like internet banking, Facebook or any other sites, beware of the following.. As you cannot access your Gmail account anymore after deletion, you cannot reset your password of these sites, they send verification Emails or OTP to the registered email Id. So, don’t forget to change the email id to a new one in such sites.
  • If you have given this mail id to your friends to contact you, send them an email that you have changed your mail id and contact through your new mail.

How to delete your Gmail id?

Here are the detailed steps to delete your Gmail account.

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account in a web browser. Then click your account photo on the top-right corner and click Manage your Google account. Enter your username and password if asked.

Step 2: On the Manage account page click Data & personalization from the left pane. Then navigate down to the section Download, delete, or make a plan for your data. Click Delete a service or your account.

Step 3: Click Delete a service under Delete a Google service. Enter your user name and password for verification and click the Next button.

Step 4: On the Delete a Google service page, click the delete button next to Gmail. Click Download Data, if you want to download a backup of your data before deleting your Gmail account.

How will you sign in to Google?

Step 5 is to add a new email id to your Google account. Your Google account may have several Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Play Games, etc. Every other Google services are linked with Gmail. This means you are using your Gmail Id to login to other Google services. So if you delete your Gmail account, then how can you login to other Google services? Yes, you need to link a new email account to use these Google services. But you cannot use another Gmail id. So you should have a non-Gmail Email id like Yahoo, Hotmail or live.

If you have a non-Gmail Email Id, enter it in the given text box and click SEND VERIFICATION EMAIL. If you don’t have one, create a new one and proceed.

Verify the alternate Email Id

Step 6: You should verify that the given Email address is yours. Google will send you a verification email with a unique verification link. Open your new Email Inbox and find the verification mail with the subject “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”. The mail will mostly come from [email protected]. Click the link from the mail.

Step 7: In the opened Confirm Gmail deletion page read all the instructions carefully and tick the checkbox for Yes, I want to delete [gmail id] permanently from my Google account. Then click DELETE GMAIL.

Gmail Deleted

You will now see a confirmation page that says, you have successfully deleted the Gmail account.

To verify that go to Delete a Google service page again. You cannot see Gmail in the listed Google services to delete. That means your Gmail has been successfully deleted. Now you have to log in to any Google services with your new email id.

If you still want to ensure that your account has been deleted, just send an email to the Gmail id you deleted from any other Email id. You will receive a failure notice like the below one.

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