How to download mp3 from SoundCloud without any software? [Top 5 ways]

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform. It is one of the famous audio distribution sites where users can record, upload, share and promote their own audio tracks. You can save soundtracks, follow your favorite artists and create your own playlists. SoundCloud is available on web, Android and iPhone. SoundCloud has 76 million registered users and 175 million unique monthly listeners globally as of March 2019.

Top 5 websites to download mp3 from SoundCloud

If you want to listen to your favorite SoundCloud music offline, you need to download it to your device. SoundCloud allows users to listen to unlimited tracks, but it does not allow users to download a soundtrack. There are some web sites to download mp3 from SoundCloud. A few of them are listed below.

  1. SoundCloud Downloader
  2. Klickaud
  3. Savemp3
  4. Forhub
  5. Dlnowsoft

Downloading a soundtrack from SoundCloud using any of the above web sites is simple and straight forward. You need the URL of SoundCloud track which you want to download.

  1. Go to the SoundCloud’s sound track’s page in any web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Do right click on the Address bar of the browser and copy the URL.
  3. Go to any one of the below web site of your choice in another browser tab.
  4. Paste the copied SoundCloud track’s URL into the URL box and click the Download/Start button.
  5. The file gets downloaded in a few seconds.

Let us see each of the above-listed site’s features in brief.

1. SoundCloud Downloader

  • SoundCloud Downloader supports downloading 128kbps and 320kbps soundtracks.
  • It has an option to download the entire playlist.

2. Klickaud

  • Klickaud Chrome extension makes the downloading process easier.
  • It downloads tracks in 320kbps mp3 format.
  • The conversion process is really fast. The download begins within a second.
  • It has an option to download SoundCloud album’s artwork.
  • It allows downloading tracks of longer time length (3+ hours).

3. Savemp3

  • Savemp3 supports more than 1,000 streaming sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, FreeSound, MixCloud, Dailymotion, VEVO, bilibili, niconico, Lynda, Netflix and more.
  • A paid Savemp3 desktop version with a free trial period is available.

4. Forhub

  • Forhub is suitable for use in any Android device.
  • It allows you to download private SoundCloud tracks.
  • Forhub is available in several languages.
  • It supports various streaming sites like Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Tumblr and Vimeo.

5. Dlnowsoft

  • Dlnowsoft supports maximum download speed.
  • Its paid Windows application supports downloading files from more than 800 streaming sites. A 30 days free trial for its Windows app is available.

Disclaimer: We do NOT encourage using any audio that violates the copyright protection.

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