Top 10 websites to watch free Cartoons

Warner Brothers, Merrie melodies, Looney tunes. Ring a bell? Yes. It should have. As kids, we were always fascinated with toons. Growing up, pretty much family & work occupies us. Please do not think cartoons or comics as being for kids alone. Cartoons revolutionized media & entertainment, politics along with our ideologies, thinking process and sense of humor. Watch cartoons and news with equal fascination.

How to watch Cartoons for free?

When you need an alternative to your routine family-work life, you can always indulge in cartoons. Our minds can easily digest cartoons. Watch cartoons for free online through these websites.

1) Youtube

Youtube is the tech giant for its video collections. Cartoon videos are not an exception to it. Watch your favorite cartoon shows just by searching for it on Youtube. For a seamless streaming and Adless experience use Youtube prime.

2) CartoonsOn!

Watch cartoons & animes based on the studio name, character name, and title. CartoonsOn is easy to use. It has all the toon videos you search for, even the latest ones. CartoonsOn is a highly reliable provider of all your cartoons and animes search.

3) Cartoon Network

You don’t have to worry if there’s no cable connection. You can not miss your favorite show with this site. All the episodes are free to watch and the collection gets better every day. The quality of the video is good as well. You may come across some interesting episodes that you may have missed on TV or never watched before.

4) ToonJet

It has an evolving collection of quality cartoons including the black & white old shows that debuted decades ago. You can subscribe to Toonjet and you’ll be notified on your favorite shows before they even hit the websites. You can find shows in English, Japanese, Spanish.

5) GoGoAnime

There is a vast list of genres to choose for you to quench your toon thirst. There are more Japanese cartoons. You can find all the toons dubbed in English.

6) NickToons

This American paid channel provides free online videos of your favorite nick shows like SpongeBob square pants, Rugrats, paw patrol, Jimmy Neutron and more.

7) SuperCartoons

Watch cartoons you have always missed with Super Cartoons. They are enriched with oldies. You can watch 1000+ classic cartoon shows here without having to create an account.

8) Cartoonito

It is the best site for kids to watch. You may not need parental control while they visit this site. It has all kid-friendly animation and cartoon videos. Kids are allowed to do some activities like play games, listen to songs, etc. with this site.

9) KissCartoon

KissCartoon hosts a wide range of cartoon videos. It is also a highly recommended site by cartoon enthusiasts. Visit this site. You’ll not regret it. KissCartoon offers both animated series and animation movies. It has Boruto – Naruto NextGen. KissCartoon allows you to choose other language videos with dubbings.

10) KissAnime

It has HD quality videos. You can find new animes every day.

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