Top 10 Free Music Download Websites and Apps [2020]

Music is our savior when you wish to escape reality. Don’t you agree? Of course, music gives wings to your mind and miracles to your imagination. Do you know? Music enhances your well-being and productivity. Music brings calm to your chaos. It stimulates the development of your mental & physical ability. What if the priceless music is truly price-less(free of cost)?

Websites and Apps to download free songs and music

Get ready to be amused and amazed by listening to your favorite music online for free using any of the below websites or apps.

1) SoundCloud

The creator’s community is diverse so you can find the greatest selection of quality music. You can find songs and albums which are unique and those that can’t be found in other sites. There are help centers and help the community to assist you with your queries. You can also request songs and upload them. You can create your own podcasts after signing-up. There’s an android app for the same. This app is data-friendly. It saves your mobile data consumption. It allows you to listen to cached songs even when you are offline. Once the songs are downloaded from SoundCloud to your phone, those songs are automatically saved to your google cloud. It’s a boon for not only listeners but also music creators and curators. Upload your own music and let others enjoy your creation for free. It is time for some piano classes!

To know how to download SoundCloud music files, read this post.

2) Musixhub

It offers free albums of almost all the artists and it features the latest albums of the artists. It also features the popular category of all the music albums released. The interface is easy to navigate and is easy to access as well. Your favorite song is just a few clicks away on this site. This site also lets you watch videos of your favorite artists. You can listen to all the songs of an album, even live performances of artists.

3) Freeplaymusic

It has a vast collection of high-quality music. All the music you can find here in the freeplaymusic library can be used on YouTube. The music is readily accessible. You will not be forwarded to an advertisement site. You can use the music you find here for your presentation, web videos, tv shows, campaigns, films, advertisements. They offer music based on scenes, genres and moods. There are more filters under each search criteria to meet your music needs.

4) Spotify

They nearly have every music in the world, even the obscure ones. You can also listen to standup comedies. You can download them and listen offline. The music fidelity is amazing. It offers 6 skips per hour unless you are a premium member of Spotify. Premium members are allowed to have unlimited skips. It suggests songs based on your music interests. Get ready to be surprised.

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5) LiveXLive aka Slacker Radio

It highlights live events. You can find the music of several interesting genres like Classical, comedy, decades, dash radio, oldies, originals, etc. It allows you to create your own station. They match you with song suggestions that you won’t regret listening to. It is equipped with every genre of music you could possibly ask for in the world.

6) Grooveshark

Available on Cydia, Google play and blackberry world. Unfortunately not on iOS app has over 15 million songs that you could search and find by song name, artist, album, browsing from a friend’s recent activity. It allows you to populate your own station from other’s lists. It also has a community section for you to interact with like-minded music buffs.

7) Jango

The interface is pretty straightforward, refreshingly simple and very easy to navigate. It allows you to add, save or ban an artist to your station. You can skip songs as often you like to do. There are no subscriptions. It finds similar music that matches your preference. There are no limits to how well this app performs.

8) Livewire

Songs can be found based on artists. It has a good collection of latest songs. They have unique genres of music and also audiobooks.

9) Free Music App & Podcast Downloader! by MixerBox

It is a world-class app with millions of free song libraries. It finds your song in a jiffy. Listen to music even when your device is offline. There are a lot of other cool things to do with this app. You can be using other media in your device and can still listen to the songs in this app. Easy facebook sharing is appreciable stuff in this app.


It gives you unlimited music storage. You can listen to your favorite songs offline. It also allows you to access social playlists created by interacting with influencers for new music recommendations. Listen to your favorite music online without interruptions. This app is your companion for long rides without access to wifi. You don’t really have to sign-up for any membership. It has only banner ads. So you won’t be interrupted while listening to music.

Calm yourself down with some free music on a rough day using any of the above sites/apps.

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