Top 10 Most Useless Websites in 2020

Pointless. Yes. Purposeless. Definitely. Weird. O, most certainly yes. These types of websites are created to cure boredom and for nothing more. We all do pointless stuff every day but if it makes your day a little bit funnier, then that’s a pretty good reason to do them, right? One such activity is viewing the pointless websites listed here.

Top Pointless and Useless websites

There are a plethora of websites on the internet that are created with no purpose. Some pointless sites which I came across on the internet are here.

1) The Useless Web

This website loads a text that you are purposefully searching for. Yes! to another useless website. When you click on the PLEASE button, you are routed to the obvious – another useless website. Every time you are routed from this page, you will face some other random useless website. The only purpose of this site is to go to some other useless site. You can simply look at a dead fly here.

2) PaP

The Passive Aggressive Password Machine is the site that gives you lame comments on entering anything you like in the text field. If you want some site to tease you for how stupid you set your password to be, get ready to visit this site.

3) Can’t Not Tweet This

The tweet icon appears where you didn’t touch/click on the screen. So you literally can not tweet anything, as you can not click exactly on the tweet button. However, if you long press or click at the same point for a prolonged time, then you can tweet with a caption to this link, so others can get annoyed.

4) Eel slap!

An eel slaps a guy when you tap on the picture. This site does nothing else. No wonder this is a useless site. If you want to take revenge on your co-worker, then mind swap your co-worker’s face with this guy’s and slap the one with an eel. Hopefully, this reduces your anger.

5) Tiny Tuba

I hope you know what tuba is. If not, here is the meaning. Tuba is a large brass wind instrument of a bass pitch. It has 3 to 6 valves and a broad bell that faces upwards. Tiny tuba is a tiny image of tuba that plays typical tuba sound, when you click on it. Do you know its worth? It is $24.71k. I know what you are thinking. Human beings are amazing. Aren’t they?

6) Staggering Beauty

A thick vertical line or a finger-like avatar with eyes appears on your screen and it moves along with your cursor. The website itself prompts you to shake your cursor vigorously so that they’ll perform some magic on your screen. Get ready to explore it yourself. I am still wondering about the website’s name though!! Staggering beauty – really?

7) Heeeeeeeey

When you visit, it displays the text heeeeeeeey and then automatically routes to which in turn displays hooooooooo. There are people in this world, who make time to do this. No wonder, we are nearing doomsday!


Displays the infamous acronym referring to the hues of light which can be mixed to produce different colors. This site displays the acronym that references to its particular color. When you long-press R, the site plays Rrrrrrrr and on pressing G, the site plays Gggggg and likewise for B. When you press the letters, the color of the background switches its color with the letter’s color. They also have I , T and F in the same format at the bottom of the site. This I, T, F refers to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. When you click on any of the letter, the site is sharing itself in your social media. Certainly with your consent.

9) Partridge Gets Lucky

Alan partridge mimicking the moves of the guitarist without a guitar. What a site to watch(waste)! Get amused by watching how partridge gets lucky.

10) Endless Horse

Get ready to view the great digital art of dot, comma, brackets, the number 6 and the pipe symbol. It takes a great artist to make this. I’m not kidding. View the horse that never ends on your screen. Maybe if you look outside the screen, it ends. Now, I am kidding.

Okay. You have known all the useless sites to visit. You can now die in peace. Just kidding :).

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