Top 6 online User name generators

Face is the index of mind, likewise in the digital era, the username is the index of your profile. It gives an impression to the readers about you. Therefore, it is very important to have a good user name.

Good user names are most preferably recommended to be set on your personal choice but when you run out of ideas for user names then you will need an APP to help you. It is totally up to you to decide if you want some random name or some specific key phrase with a personal touch. You need to be clear about what user name you want so that you make the apps to customize a user name around your choice.

Best Username generators

Every social media account and gaming profiles need a unique user name to use their services. Every gamer knows it is critical to have a unique user name that reflects the gamer’s personality in some kind. Sometimes it becomes exhausting to select a user name than to play the actual game. It is where you can use the random user name generators.

Tips to generate a secure username

Security should be our prime concern and every step of our digital footprint that we leave, we should make sure our data is safe and secured. User name generation can be no exemption to that, so please ensure the below points are covered.

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  1. Avoid your personal identification information (PII) like full name, address, and date of birth.
  2. Don’t use your email id or phone number as a username.
  3. Don’t include any of your passwords in the username.
  4. Avoid using the same username for all accounts.
  5. Make sure your internet banking’s username is unique.
  6. Include special characters with numbers as well.

These tools will help you to choose a strong and secure username.

1. Cool Generator

CoolGenerator has a bunch of name generators including a username generator. It is one of the simple username generators which will not prompt you with a series of questions. They simply ask you a keyword or a sequence of characters that you want to include in the username and length of the desired username. Entering a keyword is optional. Once you enter the inputs and click the Generate button, they generate 80 usernames. By a single click, you have 80 different usernames with a whole lot of combinations.

Do try their other generators like fantasy name generator, password generator, quote generator, movie generator, and book title generator. It gets interesting to know the number of user names that are possible with the keyword you have on mind.

2. LastPass

Lastpass is a famous password manager that helps users to generate and manage strong passwords. They also offer a username generator to instantly generate a secure and random username. You need to select the length of the username. They have three options for you to decide how strong the username should be. They are,

  1. Easy to say – generated username will not have any number and special character
  2. Easy to read – ambiguous characters will be excluded
  3. All characters – this will have any character combinations including number, special character and other ambiguous character

Along with the above options you can also choose between upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols to include in your username.

3. Name Generator

On this username generator, you can generate up to 300 usernames in a single click. They use a special algorithm to generate random usernames. All you need to do is to enter a keyword that you want to include in the generated user names. This keyword should be at least one character long. Then select the number of lines between 10 to 100. Finally, click the Generate Username button to get a list of user names. If you need more usernames, just click the Generate Username button again. By the way, you can generate an unlimited number of cool usernames.

They have name generators in more than 100 countries, regions, and languages. They also have some other name generators like business name generator, domain name generator, and a band name generator.

4. Fantasy Name Generator

There are over 1300 name generators in one place and some more cool tools are available in Fantasy Name Generator’s username generator. It may feel exhausting to try all their name generators because there are a plethora of user names available here. This username generator doesn’t generate usernames meaninglessly, but most of them are original. You can add prefix or affix of your own word with the given text boxes below. It generates 10 random usernames at once, but you can generate another 10 by simply clicking the Get usernames button.

5. SpinXO

SpinXO is a cool username generator that can be extensively customized. It asks your nickname, hobbies, and other things you like to generate a username based on your likes. And all of the inputs are optional. Once you enter the inputs you want, you can click on SPIN! button and wait or a few seconds to get your usernames. It generates 30 usernames in a spin.

The beauty with their app is you can check whether this username is available on a social media site or already taken instantly in a single click. To do so, just click on the generated username. It will take to you to a page, where you can see whether the username is available or not on YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit, and Blogger.

They have separate username generators for Instagram and Youtube as well. With the increasing number of YouTubers in this pandemic situation, this user name generator could be a savior in selecting an appropriate user name without burning your brain fat.

6. Jimpix

Jimpix username generator will generate random usernames based on the selected category. This has some special filter options that most of the other generators lack. You can select a category first and then decide the starting letter of your username. You can also select the display order between standard, reversed, or random to generate a username. There are some special filters that are also available including shuffle, spoonerise, and plural. Click on Show Bells and Whistles to see these filters. You can also enter an additional filter text to generate usernames more aptly. Jimpix generator can generate 50 usernames at once.

Keep generating more user names and have fun with your new names. Now, this makes me think, what do you think about ‘Blackwater bandits’? I’m trying to get a new name for my team based on the Game Of Thrones theme.

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