How to Screenshot on Android? Every way to Screenshot on Android devices

If you are looking for different ways to trigger a screenshot on your Android mobile, you’ve reached the correct destination. There are several Android mobile phones that come with in-built gesture capturing ways to trigger screenshots. We will see every way to take a screenshot on Android devices.

Every way to Screenshot on Android devices

Android devices including mobile phones and tablets have similar ways to capture screenshots. Here are the three ways to take a screenshot on an Android device.

  1. Holding shortcut keys
  2. Tapping on screenshot switch from the Notification tray
  3. Using third-party apps

1. Holding Shortcut keys

Most people know this easy method to capture a screen on Android phones. This simple method is supported by most of the branded mobile phones that run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above and it is easy to follow. There are two possible combinations of shortcuts that can help with a screenshot in an Android device.

  1. Hold down Volume Down and Power buttons at once for 1 – 2 seconds.
  2. Hold down Home and Power buttons at once for 1 – 2 seconds.

Any of the above two options should get you what you need. Once the screenshot is taken, the screen blinks just once. You can see the screenshot image in your Gallery/ Photo album. Usually, the screenshots taken in this way will be saved in a separate album/directory named Screenshots.

Do not use keys if you are a frequent screenshot taker as this may cause issues with the buttons or damages to your phone in a long run.

2. Tapping screenshot switch from the Notification tray

Most of the mobile phones have this option. You can take a screenshot by simply tapping the screenshot switch from the Notification area like you turn on/off your mobile internet.

Once you tap on the switch, the notification tray gets closed and there you have your screenshot. Find the screenshot in your phone gallery.

You can use this method if the power or volume button of your phone is already damaged or you feel exhausted to press those buttons. Also, you can use this way to save your phone’s buttons from damage. This way is more useful if you take screenshots frequently.

Don’t have the screenshot switch on your notification area?

The screenshot switch is not enabled by default in some mobile phone models. You have to enable it from Notification area switch settings. Follow the below steps to enable that switch. The steps are identical for most of the brands however, a small change may be there.

  1. Drag from the top of your mobile to open the Notification tray.
  2. You will notice an Edit button (pencil) on top of the Notification area. Tap on it to add or remove switches.
  3. Drag the Screenshot switch from bottom to top. You can also rearrange the switches by drag and drop.
  4. Tap on Done to save the changes.

Now you can make screenshots by simply tapping on the screenshot switch.

3. Using third-party apps

There are some apps available in Google Play Store to take screenshots efficiently. They have a lot of features that are not usually available by default in Android. We have published an article on top 5 screenshot apps for Android in We have chosen the best five apps to take powerful screenshots and listed. Screenple is one among them. It has some nice features including

  • multiple ways to make a screenshot
  • long screenshot
  • screen recording
  • integrated image editor to add texts, shapes, and crop
  • backup screenshots into Google Drive

Install Screenple from Google Play Store to your mobile and complete the initial configuration. Then follow any of the given methods to take a screenshot.

  1. By shortcut buttons – long press power and volume down button (or) power and home button.
  2. By home button – long press home button.
  3. Using floating button – swipe from right to left on the screen.
  4. From notification messages area – drag from top to bottom on the screen and tap the screenshot button.

You can find the screenshots taken on an album named Screenple in your device gallery.

How to take a long screenshot?

You may want to take an entire webpage from your browser as a single screenshot. Or you may like to screenshot a full day conversation with your boyfriend as a single image and share it with your best friends. There is no built-in way in Android phones for this but apps like Screenple will help you to do it.

Follow the below steps to take long screenshot sing Screenple. You need to take screenshots part by part and combine them into a single image to create a long screenshot.

  1. Take a screenshot of the first part of the page that you want to screenshot.
  2. Tap the film roll icon from the bottom of Screenple app.
  3. Then tap on Long Screenshot.
  4. Tap the plus (+) button and take the second part of your long page.
  5. Tap the plus button again to take the third part. Repeat this until you finish the entire page.
  6. Finally tap Finish. Your long screenshot is ready.

These are some preliminary ways to help you with your screenshots. Hope we’ve helped.

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