How to stop Google from Tracking everything you do?

Every Google service you use and searches you do is just enabling Google to spy on your data. Google is a spy hiding under the plain sight. Do you remember your last Google search? Can you tell me the last used app on your Android device? Do you remember last watched Youtube video? Do you know how many times you opened the Facebook app last Wednesday on your Android mobile? You may have no idea but Google knows these. Not just these. It knows your entire history of apps you used, searches you did and the videos you watched. You can find all this history in your Google activity page.

Ho to delete Google search history?

Simply deleting your browser history does not delete what you sought for using Google. Google search activities are stored elsewhere in Google cloud servers. Make sure you delete the records at the remote servers using any of the below ways.

What Google tracks from you?

Google tracks everything you do. The places you visit and the activities you perform as below.

Web & App Activity

This includes your google search and app activities.

  • The keywords you search on Google.
  • Google Drive, Gmail, Google Lens, and Google Play Search history.
  • Web sites you visited by clicking on Google search results.
  • Notifications you received from Google.
  • Your Google Assistant conversation history.
  • Books you read on Google Books.
  • Apps you used on your Android device with time stamp and number of times you used the app.

Location History

You or your spouse may have already forgotten what places you visited on your last wedding anniversary. But Google is better than you both at remembering it. They track your visits based on the below.

  • Places you searched for on Google Maps.
  • Areas you viewed on Google Maps.
  • Map directions you have queried.
  • Ratings you gave and reviews you added.
  • Used Google Maps for any other activity.

Youtube History

YouTube activity history includes

  • Videos you searched for on Youtube.
  • Youtube videos you watch.
  • The music you played on Youtube Music.
  • Your likes and dislikes on videos.
  • Your comments on videos.
  • Surveys you answered on Youtube.

Ad personalization

Google personalizes ads based on your interests including your location, age, gender, and many other preferences.

Delete Google history

If you want to delete your Google search history or any of your activity, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Google on a web browser and login with your credentials.
  2. Click your image on top-right corner of the screen and click Manage your account.
  3. Select Data & personalization from the left side pane.
  4. Click My Activity under Activity and timeline. You can see all your activities on the page.
  5. If you want to delete a search, click the three dots and click Delete.
  6. You can also delete all your today’s or yesterday’s activity by clicking the Delete icon.
View your Google Activities
Delete your Google Activity

If you want to delete activities on custom date range, click Delete activity by and choose Custom range.

Turn off Google activity controls and stop Google from tracking you

Do you want to turn off your google activity? You don’t want to be tracked by Google? Follow the steps.

  1. Go to the Google home page and login to your account.
  2. Click your profile image and select Manage your account.
  3. Click Data & personalization.
  4. Under Activity controls click Manage your activity controls.
  5. You can turn off the individual activity by clicking the toggle button.
Manage your Google Activity Controls
Turn off your Google Activity Control

Do you know who is responsible for sharing your data with Google? Just look at a mirror nearby. So be cautious while using any Google service.

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