Top 6 Fake Email Generators: Get your free temporary email address in seconds

A fake email address can save your personal or official mailbox from spams. Every time, you register for a service online, you may be asked to give a valid email address. You might have faced some situations like when you want to download music or an E-Book, you will be prompted with Email-Id confirmation requests. But not every site you visit is safe for sharing your personal or official mail.

Do you know? Email is the most commonly used way of attacking your privacy & in some cases, your whole organization.

What is a Fake Email Generator?

A fake mail Id generator relieves you of the privacy concerns on your personal mailbox. When you do not want a third party site to sell your information to others, then please refrain from using your personal or official mail IDs in any of the external sites. The digitized world can be scary when a person from other ends of the world can store & view your personal information. And if you want to know who to blame for those, the answer is always ‘YOU’. So use fake mail IDs in external sites to register for their services without revealing your personal details.

Points to remember

  1. Your disposable email address has a limited lifetime.
  2. You cannot get back the email address again once its lifetime gets over.
  3. The email address will become invalid once the lifetime is over. So, you cannot receive mail thereafter.
  4. The domain name of the temp mail address will be random and doesn’t look like a professional email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, ProtonMail, etc.

Top 6 Fake Email Generators

Here are the top 6 fake email generators to create disposable or temporary email addresses.

1. 10MinuteMail

This is the simplest option to get a disposable email address instantly. The name itself says that this will give you a disposable email address for 10 minutes. Of course, you can extend this time by multiples of 10 minutes by a single click. You can do this unlimited times by simply clicking the Get 10 more minutes button. It is available in several languages. No sign up is required to use this service.

2. TempMailGen

One thing I like about TempMailGen is we can add up to 10 inboxes with 10 different email addresses at the same time. And also you can customize the first part of the address. At present, they have four domain names to choose. You can select a domain that you like. Click Add Inbox button to add a new temp email address. Unlike 10MinuteMail, TempMailGen doesn’t have a limited life time and you don’t need to extend the life time of your email address for every specific time. The temp email address is valid until you delete it. API is available for developers use.

3. EmailFake

EmailFake provides unlimited temporary email ids for free. The life time of email addresses provided is varied from a few days to 1 year. There are lot of domains to choose from. You can also use your own domain by setting up the DNS. An email address can have a domain with emojis (example: 🎄🎅🌲.com). You can also use a freenom domain to create an email address with EmailFake.

There is a special version of EmailFake available for you to generate temp email address for Facebook account ceation. This requires because Facebook sign up process doesn’t allow some domains.

EmailFake browser extension is available now for Google Chrome and to make our lives easier, they are planning to develop extensions for other browsers as well.

4. ThrowAwayMail

ThrowAwayMail provides you disposable mail address with 48 hours of life time. The limitation is you cannot extend the life time of this mail address. It supports several languages. Please check it out.

5. TempMail

The only fake email generator on the list to have mobile apps for Android and iOS. They also have browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. TempMail has some premium services to use which most of the other providers don’t offer. They offer multiple mailboxes with a special list of premium domains for premium customers. Their premium services are completely ad-free. They have a good support team for premium members.

They have some features in their bucket list for future releases that includes send emails from temp email address, automatic mail box rules, and collaborative mailboxes for teams.

6. TrashMail

You can choose your mailbox lifetime while creating it. You need to register with TrashMail first to use their services. They too have a premium version named TrashMailPlus which has some additional features like send emails, address name reservation up to 365 days, customer support, etc. If you are a TrashMailPlus subscriber, you can have up to 5000 active disposable mail addresses, while non Plus members can have up to 25. Their API is available for developers.

Please note that immense care should be taken, before you share your personal/official mail ID in any site. Also, never utilize these fake Emails for wrong reasons or for extortion.

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