Top 10 Most useful Google Chrome Extensions for everyone

You can not simply deny the fact that Google Chrome is so much better than the conventional Internet Explorer. You may need to add some third party Extensions into Google Chrome to make your browsing experience even better.

What are some useful Extensions for Google Chrome?

Make your browsing more seamless and simple using below extensions on Google chrome browser.

1) FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP

Checking Gmail is the most common reason to use google chrome. FlowCrypt is an email encryption software solution. It enables you to send and receive encrypted emails via Gmail. You can never compromise on security in your private messages so use FlowCrypt. The installation is pretty straightforward. Have a secured mailing session with FlowCrypt. Use Flowcrypt, you’ll feel it is being intuitive and convenient.

2) AdBlocker Ultimate

You may be wondering but it is true that this piece of software is FREE. You can completely remove all ads. Now you can surf the internet without all the distractions. By removing the ADS, it enhances browser performance. Its extensive filters save you from the malware and Adwares. Imagine a heavenly life where you can read your news, watch youtube videos with just a tolerable amount of ADs, play an online game without being interrupted by Ads. It is possible with this extension. This is certainly bliss in our ad soaked page contents.i’m sure you won’t regret using this extension.

3) Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

This allows you to capture, edit and share your screen. It can record your browser, desktop and also webcam capture. It records the audio from your device’s microphone. You can also crop your screen & trim your recording. You can save the videos locally for easy access. The interface is too easy to use, even third-graders can learn to use this tool instantly. It does all types of screen capture you want just by residing on your browser. IT professionals can now have a hassle-free client demos by avoiding explanatory mails.

4) MailTag: Email Tracking, Scheduling, & More!

MailTag is an email tracking tool. Have you ever wondered if the recipient of your mail has read your mail or not? This extension may come handy if you want to know if the recipient has opened & read your mail or not. It lets you know exactly when your recipient opens your mail. You can even receive desktop alerts when they are opened. You can also track at what time the recipient clicked a link on your mail. In addition to that, it provides email scheduling.

MailTag is an ideal software to schedule emails and reminders. It is simply perfect for multi-time zone communications. MailTag has several other features. Get ready to explore them yourselves!

5) Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

As the name suggests, it reads the content of your webpage. It is eye-friendly. You can relax on your bed and just listen to the contents of any web page. People with dyslexia or other learning disabilities can use this app. It is a good learning tool for children who start to learn reading. Install this extension to your chrome browser and press ALT+P on your keyboard to play the rest of this page’s content. Come on! Its always easy to listen than to read.

6) Darkness – Beautiful Dark Themes

Data can be polluting. Darkness is divine. Yes! You read that right. Every single Google search comes at some cost to the environment. Do you know? Balckle saved over 7.6MWh as of October 2019. If you know what blackle is, then you may know why it is preferable to use blackle over Google. Darkness extension enhances the blackle usage. Darkness provides dark mode for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive at a very low cost. The designs are handcrafted, customized to aesthetically please you with black color. Save energy with style. Reduce carbon footprint using Darkness across your social media platforms.

7) Print Friendly & PDF

This extension helps you to print web content without ADs. Pages are automatically optimized for a good reading experience. You can also save the document as PDF. It allows you to remove the images and edit the content as well. You can also change the font size based on your preference.

8) Cute Cursors

Who uses the boring arrow shape as a cursor when you can actually make them cute. This extension allows you to change the cursor display with appealing, cute mini images. When you want your little kids to learn something from the internet. This cursor can intensify their interests. Cute cursors are fun to use.

9) Honey

Online shopping has tremendously increased in the last decade. Every single app wants you to spend money. Use Honey and save some money when you order a pizza, check out some stuff We always make sure that every single coupon is applied before we buy them. Surfing the internet to get a list of coupons can be irritating at times. Honey alleviates such hassles by automatically finding and applying coupon codes for online shopping. Make sure you click the honey button before you check out the next item in your cart.

10) LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass should be your first destination to go when it comes to storing confidential account data.
Store your personal and business user account information especially authentication details like user name and passwords in a digital vault. It is absolutely free. Once you save a password in vault, you will always have it. Store your confidential data like payment passwords using LastPass. It can also help you create strong passwords.

There are plenty more extensions which might help you to search better. Visit google web store for more extensions.

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